What is the Case Academy?

The Case Academy is a training program within the various disciplines of case solving, which is offered to a selected number of motivated and ambitious students over the course of a semester. Executed through a series of workshops, the program is tailored to provide students – having no or minor experience – with the basic tools to excel in case competitions. The workshops, entailing both theoretical content and practical exercises, will be conducted in cooperation with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) – and will elevate your case solving and presentation skills to the next level.

“Being a part of the Case Academy has provided me with unique skills which cannot be taught during an ordinary semester. I would definitely recommend students with the slightest interest in the ‘case-world’ to apply for the Case Academy, dedicate time to be present at workshops and finally give all it takes in the Final Case Competition”

– Julie, Finalist in Spring 2018

“The CBS Case Academy is executed very professionally. Both the workshops and case competitions were run like a well-oiled machine; timed and executed almost to perfection.”

– Morten, BCG Consultant


The Case Academy has an intake every semester. The coming Case Academy is conducted over the Spring 2019 semester. The dates for the workshops are listed below.


Students enrolled at a BSc or MSc program from all educational backgrounds are welcome. Previous case competition experience is not a requirement.​


Besides strengthening your problem-solving and presentation skills the Case Academy will allow you to meet like-minded students and top-tier consultants.


Welcome! In this workshop, we will shortly introduce the structure of the Case Academy, and you will get a taste of what case solving is by doing a mini case. The understanding you gain from this is vital if you want to get the most out of the following workshops. In this workshop you will also get a chance to meet the team you will be working with for the remainder of the Case Academy.

Reaching a good solution efficiently is essential in a case competition. In this workshop, experienced BCG consultants will teach you how to frame and approach a problem in a structured way using a hypothesis-driven approach.

They all talk about the toolbox, but what is it really? In this workshop we will walk you through the best practice process of how to approach a case competition. We will teach you how to start the process from receiving the case all the way to ending up with a finalized and well-structured presentation in the end.

Time for real-life practice. Your team will solve a 5-hour case for a Danish start-up company. Afterwards your team will get to present the solution and receive feedback on the presentation. The best teams will also get a chance to present at the Midway Final where a jury consisting of the company’s CEO and founder, BCG consultants, and experienced case experts await you.

Time to get technical! In this workshop, we will teach you how to quickly and effectively build slides that are easy for the audience to decode. We will also run a separate workshop for all finance people, teaching how to work with the financials in a case competition.

“A good presentation beats a good solution” is a common saying among case-competition folks. In this workshop, we will focus on how you present a solution well, taking into account both verbal communication, body language, and how to communicate well as a group.

What you have all been preparing for: The Final Case Competition. Here you get to apply all the techniques and theories in a 24-hour case, and you will present your solutions to a jury of company representatives, experienced BCG consultants, and case experts. Nice prizes and eternal fame await the best teams. Will you take home the victory this year?

What past participants say about the Case Academy

Rating of overall experience (Scale 1-5)
Woukd you recommend the Case Academy to a friend?
Would recommend! 98%
What did you gain from the Case Academy?
It improved my case solving skills! 90%
Did the Case Academy spark your interst in case solving?
Yes, it did! 96%

The application-period has ended


Application deadline: February 17, 2019 at 23:59

Your attendance to all workshops is expected, so please make sure that you are able to attend on all the specified time and dates before you apply. 

Frequent questions

Your application, CV, and grade transcript must all be submitted in English.

Yes, all BSc and MSc students enrolled at a Danish university are eligible to apply. In fact, we have had past participants from both University of Copenhagen and Technical University of Denmark (DTU) taking part in the Case Academy.


Yes, exchange students are eligible to apply for the Case Academy.

We will return to all of you with an answer on the 24th of February, 2019.

We expect all participants to take part in the full program as the workshops often build on each other as we progress. We do allow our participants to miss a maximum of one workshop during the Case Academy. Should you miss more workshops, then you will not be regarded as a certified participant and you might risk suspension from the program. If you are unable to participate in one of the workshops, then please state this clearly in your application.



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